Lighting Controls

Our love of open protocols doesn’t stop with controllers and software, we also provide lighting controls that use open-protocol KNX.

Standalone, run-of-the-mill lighting control systems that need to be integrated into the BAS at the end of a project are besieged with problems. These include cumbersome data sharing, single points of failure through the use of a gateway, poor understanding of which points need to be communicated between the systems, lack of coordination between the lighting manufacturer’s rep and Division 26, which can lead to occupancy sensors not coming with relays or providing no closed-loop feedback about zones, and so on.  And that’s only during installation! The story continues during the life of the system, where operational issues or device replacements may require service calls to two companies – the lighting rep and the controls service company.

However, an integrated control system such as Siemens Gamma can achieve significant energy savings and operational efficiencies. Gamma’s seamless room-level open-protocol integration with Siemens’ industry-leading Talon building automation system allow you to manage your entire facility from a single seat of operation.

Siemens Gamma is a recipient of the Building Operating Management Top Products Award. In fact, Siemens and Building Operating Management have produced ground-breaking research that examines how lighting control can be integrated into building management systems and why doing so offers facility executives better control of their building systems.

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