Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Stellar offers complete turnkey solutions for variable frequency drives (VFDs). This includes installation, power wiring, furnishing VFDs, wiring of control devices, factory-certified start-up, and warranty support. We offer Siemens BT300 drives, which come standard with BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP communication built-in. Using the BT300 helps save 20-50% of energy compared to equipment with little or no control. Built-in features like a real-time clock, energy savings optimization programming and a sleep function help measure energy savings.


  • Energy savings up to 50% when operating fans and pumps
  • Drives up to 250 hp
  • User-friendly control panel with intuitive interface
  • Reliable control for a wide range of HVAC applications, including special control option in the event of fire
  • Environment safe – RoHS compliant